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By Trish Reyburn

I was always interested in that which we cannot see, the spirit world. When I was very young, my mother spoke to me of angels that I could call upon, especially my guardian angel, who was just for me! We talked of Jesus and Mother Mary, too, and my mom explained how I could send messenger prayers to them when I needed help. Through the years I have explored the mystery of the unknown through many different readings, including tarot, numerology, astrology, runes, psychic mediums and prayer.

The first such reading I had was in NYC in late 1999 with a woman named Anna. She was about my age and did not wear any special type of headdress that I might have expected. She had on jeans and a sweater when she welcomed me into her Soho apartment. As she began the reading, she told me I had a male guide with me who was wearing a kilt who had been with me for many lifetimes. She also mentioned that I had had many lives in Scotland. Since my grandmother was 100% Scottish, this seemed plausible. Anna went on to tell me that I had been a traitor in several of those lifetimes as well. My eyes widened and although I couldn’t believe I would do such a thing, I wanted to hear more. 

In one lifetime, I was a man who fell in love with a woman from another clan. I would sneak to see her so we could spend time together. But when someone asked if I was so-and-so from that other clan, I said no. To deny one’s clan is a traitorous act. In another life I was a woman who wanted to change my social status as I had come from a poor family, and so I had denied my family. And there was a third story that I don’t recall but it was similar and different at the same time. The amazing revelation that I came upon while Anna told me these tales was that I was doing the same thing again in this lifetime!

When I was young, there were neighbors down the street who had convinced me that they were better than me because they had more money. They constantly bragged about their Lincoln Continental car and the summer vacations they took to Ocean City in Maryland. I was young and malleable and I believed all that they told me. They moved when I was still in elementary school but their belief system stayed with me. When I was in middle school, I found out that the majority of my favorite friends were going to a private high school so I begged my mother to let me go as well. To her credit, my mother said she had saved money for my college education but if I wanted to pay for high school instead, that was my decision. I chose college, but spent all my high school years feeling “less–than.”

When I went to college, many of my high school friends also attended the same school. And although I appreciated their friendships, I was subconsciously still embarrassed because I wasn’t raised in a wealthy community. One time, I even denied where I was raised. I had denied my clan once again and now I knew that I needed to do some healing with my hometown. I knew many wonderful people were born and raised there with me but it is common to want to escape one’s small town upbringing. Now I know that I was born in the exact right place for me to learn the lessons that I needed to learn in this lifetime. 

What kind of lessons are you meant to learn in this lifetime?

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