My Dear Friends in Yoga,

As we move through this global health crisis together, I have witnessed so many examples of strength of spirit from within our yoga kula (community). It has been so touching to me and so many of the Blissworks staff members to receive notes of hope and encouragement in this difficult time.

Many of our community members are dealing with even more intense life experiences that even stretch beyond COVID-19. One member has lost her mother to the virus and had three of her siblings in the hospital as well. Others have been dealing with other health issues themselves or with dear family members. Life is moving us all forward nonetheless.

There has also been an incredible outpouring of generosity. Thank you for purchasing our LIVE STREAM classes and thank you for attending them, too!! It has been so wonderful to see everyone’s faces (or names if you have your camera turned off :-). Some have sent money as advance payments for when we reopen our doors once again.

It helps to know we are not alone in this and to remember we are all processing this experience in our own unique way. Yet we can still move and breathe together in our own spaces and hopefully receive some solace from our yoga practice.

Until we meet again “in person,” know that I am sending oodles of LOVE and GRATITUDE to each and every one of you!!!

Blessings of Abundant Health and Mental Wellness,
Trish Reyburn, Founder and Owner

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Blissworks Kula Sustainability Campaign

Trish and the Blissworks Staff have demonstrated love towards our Kula through support and commitment for over 16 years and look foward to many more years to come. It is at times like these that we need each other more than ever.  Read on for ways we can keep each other happy, healthy and Kula Strong!

Ways Blissworks Can Help You

Ways You Can Help Blissworks

  • Attend our Live Stream Yoga Classes
    • Stay safe in your own home while boosting your immune system and maintaining overall wellness
    • Taught by Certified Blissworks teachers
    • 7 Days/Week with a variety of classes, times and teachers to choose from
    • Spend time and stay in touch with your Blissworks Kula (community) of friends
    • What a Deal!!! Live Stream yoga classes are priced to fit your budget, offering a “Pay what you can” option of prices ranging anywhere from $0-$10/class.
  • Gift Cards
    • Blissworks Gift Cards are available for any denomination and are good for all of our services and products, including yoga, massage, energy healing, workshops and items in our BlissBoutique
    • Support your favorite studio and use the gift card now or for something to look forward to in the time to come like a massage with your favorite therapist
    • Our Gift Cards make the perfect gift for that someone you love
  • Distant Reiki
    • Battle stress, depression and anxiety while strengthening your energy field and boosting your immune system
    • Healing Reiki energy is sent to you in the safety of your own home directly from the practitioner
    • 30 or 60 minute sessions
  • Supporting Local Businesses
    • Stay connected and follow us on Facebook and Instagram
    • Offer feedback and kind words
    • Share your experience with family and friends and invite them to join you in a Live Stream class
    • Consider offering a small donation