It’s Time to Reclaim Yourself


“Hi, my name is Hanuman… 
and like all children I was born with great powers…”

Hanuman is a monkey, a talking monkey who lived a long, long time ago, and still lives today.

According to the stories, Hanuman is the incarnation of Shiva, the Lord of Yoga, but like many of us he forgot his divinity. When Hanuman was young, he was quite mischievous. He would play jokes on people and steal away the offerings that the holy men planned to use in rituals. 

One day, the rishis got so angry with Hanuman and his tricks, that they cursed him. They swore he would never remember his own powers unless his friends reminded him.

Hanuman’s story is my story and it’s your story.
We were all born with great powers. 

When we were little, we were all very intuitive. We were full of life! We lived in our imaginations and created without resistance or doubt.  We were FLEXIBLE in body and in mind. 

So, what happened?
Some call it domestication or conformity. 

Scientists say the pineal gland is active in children up to age seven. The pineal gland is connected to the “third eye,” the sixth chakra, which is the center of the imagination, intuition and also psychic abilities. 

Why does it shut down? 

It shuts down if it’s not used anymore — when we are told to let go of our imaginary friends, for example, and feel forced to live in the “real” world. When we let go of play and are made to do school work instead. Did you have to sit at a desk for eight hours a day for most of your childhood?

Part of our yoga practice is to reclaim ourselves!

Recognize how you have domesticated yourself and welcome back your vital life force energy. 

Hanuman is the greatest yogi of all time! He is fully dedicated to being of service to the highest energies. He is a highly -disciplined and committed student. He loves to chant and embodies all the fundamental teachings of yoga.  

Hanuman is fierce when necessary. He will stand up for truth and justice and defend those who cannot defend themselves. He lives in integrity and, with the help of his friends, he remembers the truth of who he is and what he is capable of achieving. 

Hanuman’s story is my story and it’s your story. We are all capable of great feats in this world. We can be of service to those around us by opening our hearts through the practice of yoga.

There is no limit to what we can achieve!

Video: Hanuman Chant 

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