Q: How many students can attend an In-house (in studio) class?

A: Maximum of 9 students. All students must preregister to attend.

Q: What is a Hybrid class?

A: A hybrid class is one that is offered in-house and virtual at the same time. They are listed on our Schedule page with the same start time. The one with “Virtual” in it’s title is for live stream at home and the other is for those who’d like to come to the studio.

Q: Are all virtual classes also being taught in-house at the studio?

A: No, but most of them are. Please check our schedule for latest listing of classes.

Q: Are there different prices for our yoga classes?

A: All classes are priced the same. You can use a class card or a single class fee to pay for classes.

Q: How do I purchase a single class or class card?

A: Purchase these items by either visiting our Shop tab on our website or at the time you are preregistering for a class.

Q: Are masks required for In-House classes?

A: Yes, at this time we ask you wear masks at the studio. You may remove your mask when on your yoga mat. LEARN MORE>>>

Q: Do I have to preregister for In-House classes?

A: Yes. All of our classes require preregistration to attend. We are not able to accommodate any drop-ins at the studio at this time.

Q: How do I preregister for your classes?

A: You can register on our website under the schedule tab or via the Mindbody app on your phone or tablet.

Q: Why don’t I see the “Sign Up” button for an in-house class listed on the schedule tab?

A: This will only happen if the class is full, or it’s too late to sign up for the class. Remember in-house classes are limited to 9 participants at this time, so registering soon than later to make sure you get a spot in class.

Q: How do I attend a Virtual class?

A: Please visit our website for details on attending a Live Stream class.

Q: Where do I find the Zoom link for the class?

A: Once registered you will receive a Reservation Confirmation Email with the Zoom link for the class. You will also receive a Reminder Email 1 day before the class that will also have the Zoom link for class depending on when you registered. PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THESE EMAILS UNTIL YOU HAVE ENTERED THE ZOOM LIVE STREAM CLASS. If you can’t find the link email, check your spam. If still having trouble, call or text 860-448-9642 or 401-207-9108 for help.

Feel free to contact us at 860-448-9642 with additional questions