It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new life

Here we are at the precipice, the threshold of another new beginning.

I know there have been LOTS of new beginnings but this one feels very potent to me. I have a history of anticipating change, “this time it’s going to be totally different,” and then it’s not. I fall back into the same habits of thought and the same routines of life. So why should today be so special then? Well, I notice that I am actually feeling different, thinking differently and doing things differently. I’ve spent years upon years fighting with myself and this week my head feels lighter, I feel more hopeful. I am not falling back into that same rut that has run me for as long as I can remember.

It’s only been a week, I know. But this is a historic week. Changes are happening all over the planet. People are standing up for their rights, a new wave of humanity is being born before us. I am riding that wave. Some may say that I’m idealistic, that may be true. I’m a dreamer like John Lennon, believing that there can be a better way to life, be it inside my own head or in society as a large. I can clean up my act one moment at a time and I can choose a better way.

This is a Love Revolution that’s hitting the planet. There is no use in trying to resist it, it’s gonna take over your heart, too! Waves of light, waves of love, waves of freedom are moving through each and every one of us. So just ride this wave and allow yourself be held in arms of Grace. Change is scary even when it’s for the good. For too long we each have lived with the dysfunction, realizing it’s crazy and yet not being able to think differently. Now is our time. The whole Universe is supporting us in this change, in this growth, in this evolution of humanity. When we choose for the highest, even in the most mundane ways, it lights a spark and life moves in the direction that brings the most peace and the most joy our way.

This big message is that we’re all in this together. We are all connected in ways that we don’t understand. We are connected to one another, the animals, the sea creatures and all the plants and rocks – the whole planet is one pulsating being. That is our remembrance.

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